Monday, May 14, 2007

Season 1 Episode 10: Nightmares

This was one of the top three best episodes in the first season and one that may even be top 20 out of the entire series. Everyones nightmares are coming true.

Buffy sees the clock move fast as she is taking a test, Willow has to sing, Xander shows up to class in his underwear, Giles is losing the ability to read, and Cordelia is hideous looking. All the while Buffy continues to see this young boy around campus. I won't spoil the ending for ya on this one in case you didn't see it. It's a must see Season 1 ep and you will enjoy it. Funny, sad, interesting, crazy!

8 stakes out of 10!

Season 1 Episode 9: The Puppet Show

This was a decent episode in comparison to others in the first season. Giles is in charge of the schools talent show and the new Principal believes that Buffy, Willow, and Xander are troublemakers and forces them to be in it. This is not what the gang would like to do.

There is a kid who's act is ventriloquism and it seems his dummy is possessed by a demon hunter. He helps Buffy and the gang get the baddie and save the day again. Lots of body parts, or organs shall I say in this one. Two hearts are taken and a brain. Yumm!

This is the first episode for Armin Shimerman who plays the Principal Snyder, who replaces the eaten Principle Flutie. He is great and has many good lines in this. He is a tough little guy who basically loathes kids, a perfect man for the job.

6 stakes out of 10!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Season 1 Episode 8: I, Robot...You Jane

Well lucky for me my DVD was messed up and wouldn't play this one. From what my wife tells me that is a good thing because TWOP rated it the worst episode ever I guess, or close to it. I vagulely remember this but I am sure it sucked. So skip it if you want. Basic jist is Willow thinks she has a new boyfriend that she talks to on the internet but it turns out to be a trapped soul of a demon. Buffy kills him in the end. Ms. Calendar is introduced in this episode. She is the computer teacher and she plays a bigger part in later episodes.

1 stake out of 10 because my wife says so!

Season 1 Episode 7: Angel

This is like a first time review as I have never gotten past the first 10 minutes of this one in the past because I saw it was the Angel episode and turned away as fast as I could. I just don't like this storyline that much.

It wasn't as bad as I always thought it was. There were a few shots of Angel that made it look like I was watching a new version of Ghost because he looked so much like Swayze that it freaked me out a little. ROAD HOUSE!! Oops, sorry.

This is the episode that Buffy finds out our little Angel is a vampire. But not just any vampire, a vampire with a soul. So we get to hear his tragic plight of being one of the meanest and baddest Vamps in the world to a little scared kitten who steals blood from the Red Cross to feed his appetite. Boo hoo. At least Darla gets dusted cause she was just annoying. If only Angel could have killed her off 5 eps in.

There was nothing all that funny in this and it was just a lot of blah. So not much interesting things for me to write about. You can skip it if you never saw it or plan to watch these yourself. All you need to know is poor Angel has a soul. I am sure he repeats it in other episodes.

3 stakes out of 10!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Season 1 Episode 6: The Pack

This episode is great for two reasons, plastic fake looking not so scary Hyena's and Principal Flutie gets eaten by hus students, Xander included. It's a very cheesy episode and not anything to write home about. It was humorous to watch Xander try and play a badass but other than that it was pretty flat.

So far I can understand why I never got into Buffy right away. I think I eventually started watching late 3rd season before it ever grabbed me. All I know is I can't wait to get through season 1 and get into the good stuff.

Watch this one for the great Hyena's!
4 stakes out of 10!